Awesome Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas

Beauty and the Beast Gift Ideas

Beauty and the Beast fans never miss a chance to show off their collectibles. If you are a fan, there is a host of gift items to choose from. From clothes to toys and journals, fans of all ages are catered to. If you are looking for the ideal Beauty and the Beast gifts, this resource is just for you. These branded items allow every fan to celebrate the enchanting characters and elements of the legendary franchise. Below is a look at cool gift ideas that will surely catch your eye.

1. Glass Compact Mirror

This Beauty and the Beast gift is what every lady needs. It is a wonderful piece that adds some elegance and beauty to your life. It is not just a jewel but it is a functional item that you can use daily. It is fitted with a dual glass compact mirror and comes with a brushed metal casing. It is also adorned with clear faceted gems and is sculpted with a floral theme. This inspired gift is just what you need to make a lasting impression on your friends.

2. Mrs. Potts Chip Tea Set (Pot and Cup)

This is an amazing gift item that makes for an excellent collectible. In addition, the item is functional as well. Made of high quality ceramic, the design is riveting. It will add life to your space; and style to your tea time. This item is an original from Disney and this makes all the difference. This gift is however not safe to be used in a dishwasher or microwave. It is a beautiful set that will allow you to enjoy and share elegance with your friends. Remember, you get a teapot and a teacup in this Beauty and the Beast – Mrs Potts & Chip Tea set.

3. Celebration Belle Toy Figure by Funko Pop

Toy figures are the ultimate embodiment of fan collectibles. This is a beautiful piece that will add beauty to your collection. All fans will agree that having such a figure is a great thing as it showcases the wonder and spirit of the movie. Gifting this to your close friends will certainly make you stand out. It is a thoughtful gift that will be displayed in great majesty.

4. Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer

Morgan Taylor has the best Beauty and the Beast collection of awesome nail lacquer. This way, you will enjoy a princes manicure to your delight. There is an array of colors to choose from. These colors are themed in an artistic manner. This is the best gift for your female friends as they discover a host of excellent shades that will transform their style.

5. Themed Journal

This is an excellent gift item that will inspire you to journal on. It comes with stylish golden bindings and a tassel-cord bookmark. The latches are edging are distinct to say the least. It is illustrated with lined pages. This wonderful gift will earn you great points. It is available at the Disney store.

6. Enchanted Tea Set Play set

This Beauty and the Beast gift item is ideal for your younger friends. It is an awesome toy that is fitted with special effects to entertain your young ones. Mrs. Pott’s eyes blink when tea is poured and Chip wobbles on his saucer. These special touches will make for great play time.

7. Reusable Tote Bag

These themed bags are excellent in every way. They are functional and decorative at the same time. Your friends can use them to carry other items while showcasing the running Disney theme. The artwork is tantalizing and it features the live action film. The carry handles are strong enough and the surface can be wiped clean. This quality product can be gifted to any friend as you desire.

8. Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box Toy

This is a wonderful box that features the majestic image of a rose inside a glass. It is a great gift for children and when the box is opened, the rose will come to life and light up. It will then play the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ melody. The box also features a plastic feather ring. It is an awesome piece that makes for a great collectible. In addition, it adds melody to your life. Any person will be delighted to get this jewelry box as a gift; not just kids. There are so many other themed gifts to talk about. The above list guides you through the most special ones that will make for thoughtful gifts.