Review of The Recent Beauty and the Beast Movie

review of movie and the beast

Launched in March 17th, 2017, Beauty and the Beast is a new live-action movie that centers around the life of a young damsel called Belle, played by Emma Watson. She’s forced to stay in a bewitched castle with a prince who’s also cursed to resemble an ugly Beast, acted by Dan Stevens.

Soon afterwards, Belle falls in love with the Beast as she learns to see the decent man trapped behind the external monstrous look. Apart from Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, other notary stars in the film are Ian McKellen as Cosgworth and Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts amongst others. This movie is directed by Bill Condon.

Synopsis of Beauty and the Beast

The story is based in an ancient French kingdom, where a proud and selfish Prince lives in a castle with his servants. One night, an old frail woman entered his palace begging for a place to stay and shelter from the cold outside.

However, the Prince scorned and chuckled at the old lady along with his servants, with the woman warning him not to be misled by appearances only. But he didn’t heed these words and instead told her off once more, thereafter the woman’s feeble appearance left her to reveal a pretty Enchantress.

The Prince tried asking for forgiveness, but she had already seen that there wasn’t any sentiment in his heart. To punish him, she changed the Prince’s appearance into a hideous monster and also transformed the servants into household items.

The Enchantress’s curse further caused other people outside the realm to forget about the palace and everyone staying in it. The Beast was only left with a mystic mirror as his contact window to the world, and a rose for comfort.

If he manages to earn affection from another person before the last petal falls off, then the spell will be removed. But if not then he’ll be doomed to remain a beast forever.

Movie Plot

In the French village of Villeneuve, there resides a young woman called Belle who doesn’t quite fit with other people in the township. Her main interest is in reading storybooks. She’s pursued by a narcissistic hunter and former war-veteran captain Gaston. He meets her as Belle leaves a local bookshop, however she turns down Gaston’s dinner offer.

Back home, her father Maurice is in the process of making a new music box for sale. He then sets out for another town to sell his wares, and Belle requests him to come back with a rose as he always does.

However, Maurice rides through a dense forest and gets lost on a path that’s snowing heavily. He’s attacked by a vicious pack of wolves that forces him and his horse Philippe to seek shelter in the enchanted castle. While there he’s captured by the Beast who assumes he’s a thief and imprisons him.

After the disappearance of his father, Belle sets out to find him and makes her way to the castle where she offers to take the place of his father as a prisoner, in exchange for Maurice’s release. While trapped in the castle, she slowly falls in love with the Beast after finding out that he’s good at heart.

The roles of Mrs. Potts and Chip Potts

a) Mrs. Potts

Mrs. Potts is the castle’s housekeeper who was transformed into a teapot after the enchantress’s curse was placed upon her. Though she’s the mother of several children, her most notable son is Chip Potts who stays by her side most of the time.

She first appears on set together with Chip to serve hot tea to the frail Maurice who was lost in the forest. However, as Mrs. Potts and the other utensils are consoling Maurice over Cogsworth’s unfavorable comments, the Beast harshly storms in and transfer’s Maurice to the cell.

Mrs. Potts is an intelligent, level-minded and complacent character, she’s also not afraid to speak her mind when it matters. For instance, when the Beast throws temper tantrums, she often tells him to calm down and he listens.

b) Chip Potts

Chip Potts is an adorable and witty teacup who’s also Mrs. Potts’ son. In the movie, he befriends Belle and ultimately helps her and Maurice to avoid the villagers’ trap. As a human, he was working with his mother in the castle’s kitchen before the curse. Chip is depicted as an adventurous and curious character who constantly wants to learn more about the kingdom around him.

At the beginning of the scene, when Maurice drinks tea from Chip Potts and tickles him with his mustache, Chip bursts out in laughter. Later on, he’s also the first one to tell his mother that there was a girl in the castle when Belle arrived. Oh Yes, if you don’t already know, Disney has specially made some beauty and the beast gifts or collectible for their fans.  Be sure to check it our if you are  a diehard Beauty and the Beast fans.

In summary, the new Beauty and the Beast movie is an enchanting rendition of the original Disney classic.